Catholic Schools Week Recap


Students dress in plaid flannel for “Dress like Fr. Blood Day” on Thursday of CSW.

Jianna Birns, Yearbook Copy Editor

Catholic Schools Week was celebrated from January 30th through February 4th. Catholic Schools week is the celebration of Catholic education and gives us the opportunity to recognize the importance of Catholic Education to the world. St. Edward makes sure to celebrate this every year, giving students the opportunity to participate in fun activities and dress-down days!

We started Catholic Schools Week off on Sunday with ‘Celebrating Your Parish’. You were encouraged to attend Mass this day and even volunteer. St. Edward gave students the opportunity to volunteer at parishes to be a greeter, help the ushers, or be a lector. Monday was themed ‘Celebrating Your Community’. Students participated in a ‘Thank you’ project for frontline heroes. Students had a regular uniform this day. On Tuesday, students got a regular dress-down day because they were being celebrated that day. From 7:20-8 am there was a special welcome for the students at the main entrance. A table with candy was there for the students to grab from. During their first-period classes, students were given a Bingo card, and Isabella Kirkwood and Lenore McBean pulled 3 bingo numbers at the end of each period. Students who got a bingo were to bring it to Mr. Brieger’s room where they got entered a raffle. The cheerleaders, who were headed to state that weekend, performed at the end of the day for the school. Juniors and seniors were able to watch and cheer them on in the gym, while freshmen and sophomores live-streamed it in their classrooms. The cheerleaders did an amazing job performing, while also doing amazing at State!

On Wednesday, we celebrated the Nation. Students got a USA dress down day, where they dressed in red, white, and blue or any USA attire. During students’ lunches, heart-shaped papers were passed around where students wrote down what they prayed for to other countries. “Celebrating Vocations”, was Thursday’s theme. This day, students dressed like our priest, Father Blood. Many students wore all black, crocs, flannels, etc. to dress like father Blood. In Theology classes, students wrote letters to local Pastors and Deacons thanking them for all they do. Friday was our 100th day of school. We celebrated our faculty, staff, and volunteers at St. Edward. St. Edward threw it back to grade school by giving the students a recess. They were able to bring snacks for their class, play games, and meet up with friends in the halls. A 35-minute recess was given which gave students a good break during school to be able to hang with friends. The dress-down day was Green and Gold, which everyone went all out for showing their school pride. That was the end of a successful 2022 Catholic Schools Week! Thank you to anyone who helped organize this fun week!