Skating into the top 3 winter Olympic sports

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Courtesy of

Kelly Hancock, staff reporter

The results of the poll revealing the top 3 sports St. Ed’s students and staff like to watch

With the Winter Olympics coming up this month, the Edge wanted to know what the St. Edward community likes to watch. A resounding amount of you voted giving each sport a run for their money. The results are as followed:

In 3rd place, speed skating. This high-pressure sport is enjoyed by many. Mr. Gonzalez claimed, “the frantic speed of speed skating is fun to watch.” Many of you voted speed skating as your favorite to watch and for good reason. The skills it requires to take those turns at such a fast speeds makes this sport a classic on our screens and very enjoyable to watch.

In 2nd place was snowboarding. Snowboarding is a fun sport to watch because many of the St. Edward students snowboard themselves which increases the enjoyment of watching it. Senior Josh Roldan enjoys snowboarding because of its similarities to skateboarding, “Snowboarding is cool and so is skateboarding. Watching people doing Tony Hawk Pro Skater tricks is very cool.” There are many different sports that involve snowboarding at the Olympics like half pipe and big air. Both are classic Winter Olympic staples every time.

The number one voted event was figure skating. This won by remarkable margins. Many of you find figure skating to be the event you cannot miss.  Stephanie Dewitt likes figure skating because, “the music and routines are entertaining.” These skaters train for a long time in order to skate smoothly and elegantly as they do. Figure skating is definitely a worth while sport to watch.

An honorable mention to the luge that got many votes from the St. Ed’s students and staff. Also, to Mrs. Kauffman, for blowing my mind by letting The Edge know she had a friend compete in luge in the 1984 winter Olympics.