Ballin’ with the boys


Samuel Birdsell, Copy Editor

The St. Edward boys basketball season has officially begun, and this winter sport is off to a great start. The boys, after a long non-eventful year of Covid, are ready to get their season back on track. Since the time this sport started, the boys have been dedicating themselves to the team and pushing themselves to see their best improvements. Their hard work and overall drive are what is making this team so great and unique; their confidence in their abilities is like none other which is what is going to lead them into a successful season.

Senior Jacob Breier says, “this year has started out great and couldn’t have asked for a better way to begin the season.” He believes the team is very selfless and works well together. The chemistry between the players is balanced and he enjoys playing with his friends. Jacob’s goal when competing is about winning. The feeling of giving it your all and coming out victorious is what he feels is really rewarding. While competing, his main focus is on the game itself and not what the crowd chants. Overall, he feels like he came a long way from when he initially started playing basketball. He says that he’s been playing the sport for as long as he can remember and has made many improvements in every aspect of the game. “Basketball has made me a better person both on and off the court,” he says.

Another senior Robert Wilson says the team is performing very well with an impressive score of 8-2. He enjoys how close the team is and how well they all get along. Their dedication is nothing shy of 100 percent. One thing Robert enjoys most about the sport is the ability to interact with the other team and getting to know them. His main focus? To win! Competing means everything and winning is just as important to him. He focuses only on the game and tunes out any negativity from others or the crowd. His motivation is to train to get better and to push others to achieve that goal of becoming the best they can be. So far, he has been playing basketball pretty much his whole life, about 15 years, and is still making improvements to his gameplay.

So far, the St. Edward boys basketball team is ready to take on another successful year and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this hardworking and dedicated team.