‘Tis the season for Christmas traditions


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Dempsey Howicz, Social Media Editor

With Christmas being the most popular holiday in the world. There are always so many fun activities that go on around Christmas time and throughout the winter season. I decided to survey some of the students about what there favorite things about Christmas. First, we asked how do they normally celebrate the holiday? Most responses were that they celebrate with family either Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Senior Jianna Birns says “I normally stay home and open gifts with my family. I have some extended family come in the day after Christmas.” Junior Ava Pfeiffer says “I usually celebrate with my mom’s side of the family on Christmas Eve and my dad’s side of the family on Christmas Day. We play lots of games, do gift exchanges, and eat good food!”

Then what is their favorite thing about the Christmas season? Most of the responses were about the holiday decorations and seasonal excitement. Junior Kara Michonski says “my favorite thing is spending time with family and friends.” Junior Drew Pemberton says “all fun activities you can do with your friends.” Junior Stephanie DeWitt says “my favorite thing about Christmas is probably hanging out with my friends and doing fun Christmas activities like decorating cookies, gift exchanges, and things like that with them. I also just love decorating the Christmas trees in my house with my parents.”

Then do you have any specific traditions? And if so what are they? Senior Maddie Pogorzelski says “Christmas Eve Nerf gunfight.” Junior Michaela Williams says “we always open one present on Christmas eve night and we all sit by the tree and play games.”

What are your favorite Christmas memories? Sophomore Taylor Petruczenko says “When I was little I loved waking up in the morning and seeing all of the gifts. I truly appreciate my parents for all they have done during the holidays.” Senior Kimberly Aguirre says “doing secret Santa every year.”

What is your favorite holiday food or drink? 50% of people said eggnog is their favorite drink and 50% said chocolate and then everyone said either gingerbread or cookies for their favorite food.

Then what do you prefer Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? 75% of the people said Christmas Eve was their favorite and 25% said Christmas Day was their favorite.