Baking through the snow


Kelly Hancock, Staff Reporter

A fun and wholesome part of Christmas is baking and decorating cookies with family and friends. We all have our favorite cookies that we sadly have to wait to eat until Christmas. Now that the Christmas season is here, we can open the flour and sugar to bake some of those favorite treats. Three of the season’s top cookies are gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles.

Gingerbread cookies:

One of the all-time best Christmas cookies is gingerbread cookies. You can decorate them to be little men, women, reindeer, or houses. This versatile cookie is good any way and brings smiles to everyone’s face. Decorating is always half the fun of Christmas cookies and gingerbread cookies are perfect for the artsy baker in your life. Gingerbread displays are a fun thing to look at and admire but eating them is always the best part.

Sugar cookies:

Making sugar cookies is a tradition in many families. Decorating all different shapes and sizes of cookies to be whatever the decorator wishes. Most of the time the first couple batches turn out better than the last batch of decorations, which adds to the fun of making them. Sugar cookies always lead to a fun time laughing at the various successes and failures. Memories are always made while eating and baking these amazing cookies. Giving homemade and decorated cookies mean so much more to someone than plain cookies. Getting to add personal touches makes sugar cookies an essential Christmas cookie.


What is the Christmas cookie list without the snickerdoodle? Neighbors coming to your door quoting Debbie Dooley from Good Luck Charlie, “I got a snickerdoodle just for yoodle!”  A warm snickerdoodle while sitting down to watch a Christmas movie is the best. The cinnamon compliments the cookie to perfection. A good tasting snickerdoodle on a December night is a great way to end your day.

I hope you can go and eat these cookies at some point this Christmas season!