The striking ladies of Girls Bowling


Gabriella Sarullo, Newspaper Managing Editor

The 2021-2022 girls bowling team is back and better than ever. They are determined to have a successful season this year. With Mr. Drake returning as their coach again this season, we know that he will lead the team to success this season. There are fifteen girls on the team, with six of them being seniors. The seniors on the team are Lily Burger, Maddie Pogorzelski, Nathalia Aguirre, Kelly Hancock, Alexis Valencia, and Maria Catalan. This year’s captain of the girl’s bowling team is Maddie Pogorzelski. “Being named captain this year was a great accomplishment for me. After being on the team for four years, it was great to officially have a leadership role on the team my senior year,” said Maddie Pogorzelski. The team has successfully won two of their matches this season and is working hard to win some more.

Due to Covid-19, the team still has to wear masks during practices and at their matches, but this does not stop the team from being successful. The team works together to grow as a team and become better while still having fun. “I love that you can enjoy it and have fun at the same time. It’s easy-going and you get to meet really nice people and hang out with your friends,” says senior Alexis Valencia. We can’t wait to see what the bowling team has in store for the rest of their season. Good luck this season, ladies!