Meet the math teacher who loves English!

Lucy Foy, Staff Reporter

Meet one of our new math teachers, Mr. Darger! Mr. Darger enjoys teaching geometry, playing music, and reading “everything under the sun!” He is currently reading all he can about agroforestry (growing food in the shade of a tree to improve the environment). 

Mr. Darger loved English, reading, writing, and art in school.  He worked in publishing for most of his life. In fact, he lived in New York and worked for WW Norton for 30 years. As a kid he wanted to be a musician, “The next Eric Clapton” he says. Mr. Darger plays lead guitar, fiddle, and mandolin in a band called the Free Radicals. Mr. Darger is cool because he is left-handed and a self-proclaimed “wild dancer”. Mr. Darger likes to be outside and enjoys tennis, basketball, and softball. He is an avid reader, if it is in the library, he has read it.  

St. Edward reached out to Mr. Darger and eventually won him over! He likes the fact that the classes are smaller so he can get to know the students and help them more one on one.  

We are so excited to welcome Mr. Darger to the Green Wave family!