Giving students a new direction


Dempsey Howicz, Social Media Editor

Meet Mrs. Mann, the new director of counseling! Her job consists of providing academic and emotional support along with post-secondary planning support. She is there for students to go to when they need someone to talk to and help get them into the classes that they want and need for their goals. As the director of counseling, she helps when students who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. She can help students feeling this way by making a schedule for them to help with time management. One of her favorite parts of the job is helping students with choosing what path is best for them after their high school career. So far, she has really enjoyed her time at St. Edward, while it has been very busy so far she feels that she has accomplished a great deal already. Mrs. Mann says that she is super excited that for the first year ever all students had a Senior Appointment to help them in their post-secondary planning process. She is also has had a pleasure being in a smaller school and a faith-centered environment. She appreciates being able to talk about Catholic values and remind students of these values as she navigates issues the students face with them. She loved the warm welcome from the students, parents, and staff!