Taking care of business


Drew Pemberton, Staff Reporter


When you enter into the world of business, you will have questions, and Mr. Roberts will be ready to answer them.

Once Mr. Roberts joined our Green Wave family, we knew he’d be a good fit. “I recently retired from the public education system, but still very much wanted to continue working. I taught history, economics, and personal finance for nearly 20 years and was excited to see the vacancy at St Edward. I know alumni from the school, and they spoke highly of it. Great students, faculty, and traditions,” he says. Because of his love for teaching and seeing his students prosper, he was brought back in to teach General Business and Marketing at St. Edward.

He had some good role models in his youth such as his dad and his friends. “My dad was successful in business working in the computer industry when it was just getting started, and he followed his entrepreneurial dreams by starting his own business. He was a great role model and most of my friends were also pursuing business degrees in college. I was a Business Management major in college and really enjoyed the content about leadership and helping groups of people work as a team at high levels,” he states.

However, the business route was not the first he had taken. In the beginning of his terrific educational career, he took part in a variety of things such as coaching and being part of an administrative staff. Mr. Roberts also taught history, economics, and finance at Glenbard North, he informs me from his desk.

Finally, Mr. Roberts left us with some of the best advice you may ever hear, “All of us can achieve way more than we think we can, and athletics and teamwork is an amazing context to learn life lessons. Working as a teammate for a common purpose, is one of the most powerful skills we can learn in life.”

As stated before, Mr. Roberts was eager to continue teaching and because of his work ethic and determination, it serves as a great source of motivation for all of us to continue working hard.