Add, subtract, multiply and say hi to Ms. Buehler!


Jianna Birns, Yearbook Copy Editor

You may have met Ms. Buehler last year when she was subbing for Mrs. Klein. She is back this year in her own classroom ready to teach math. She is very excited to be a part of the St. Edward’s family this year and is loving the school so far. Ms. Buehler is loving St. Edward and says, “I love it, it’s a great school and environment.”

Ms. Buehler has gotten to live in a cool place. She grew up in Germany and lived there until the age of 13. She then moved to the United States. She is the oldest daughter and has two younger siblings. This might be surprising but she wasn’t always good at math. She struggled with it and was horrible at it until 6th grade. She then had an amazing teacher who she said, “was good at explaining fractions and that’s when everything clicked for me.” She then found a love for math. That same teacher who helped her when she was struggling in math, is the one who inspired her to start teaching. Having a great teacher like that made Ms. Buehler want to be that kind of teacher for anyone who is struggling in math.

Ms. Buehler attended Judson University for college. She found St. Edward from her department chair in college for education who got her here. She subbed for Mrs. Klein last year where she was able to get into teaching. This is her first year being a teacher in her own classroom. Ms. Buehler states “I enjoyed being able to start with a fresh classroom that I got to set up everything myself.” She also enjoys that she got to set her own lesson plans and not have to follow anyone’s expectations for teaching.