The bumpy road of the football season


Megan Schmidt

The Varsity Football Team after winning their last game.

Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

The Football season had a lot of adversity with hurt players and people who had to quarantine. These factors didn’t faze them; instead, they banded together and pulled through.

One challenge the team faced was waking up at 4:30 a.m. to go practice before school. Most of these players would then go to basketball after school, leaving them extremely exhausted. This went on for 14 days total.

Football’s practice started at the same time basketball was happening. This caused problems for multiple players. The biggest one of these was that the basketball team had to quarantine. This caused a lot of the starting football players to sit out of practice and the first game against Aurora Central. The team still ended up winning 29-26

The team ended up getting quarantined after they played against Immaculate Conception. This made it so they could not play against Chicago Christian. Because of these circumstances, St. Edward was co-champions of the conference with Chicago Christian.

The players thought the season was great. Senior Joe Sacco said, “The football season was great; we went 4-1 and won the Metro Suburban Conference for the third year in a row.” Senior Luke Sauceda added, “It was as good as it could’ve been given the circumstances Winning conference and beating AC made the wait worth it.”

There were some things the players wish they could have changed. Sacco said, “I would say one way that the season could have gone better was if we were able to have played Chicago Christian. The other way it could have gone better was if not as many people got hurt; it sucked not being able to play with them.” Sauceda said, “I would have liked to play in the playoffs, that’s the only things that I feel I missed out on and could’ve made my season a lot better. I also would have liked to do our Washington/Peoria trip.”

Though Covid-19 caused the players to miss out on many parts of the season such ass Playoffs, they still had fun playing together and even won the conference. Congratulations to our team on a great season.