A different type of season

Boys Soccer


Mia Castro

Senior Sammy Shepherd

Taylor Petruczenko, Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has taken over our lives for over a year now and nothing has been normal. Many events have been postponed or canceled, but even during these trying times we have found ways to enjoy life. Though their season was shortened and due to a Covid case they missed their last game, the boys soccer team made sure to make the most of it.

This year there was only one boys soccer team, varsity, consisting of 20 boys. Their season was pushed from the fall to the spring and shortened to having only 4 weeks of games. They also were quarantined at the end of the season because a player on one of the other teams tested positive. “The season was full of ups and downs, but overall, it was fun,” said freshman Josh Pottorff in an interview.

“We had to wear masks, our season was delayed to the spring, and it ended a little early, but luckily no one got Covid,” responded senior Josh Nordan when asked how Covid affected the team. Though masks were a pain to wear the boys pushed through. Hopefully, next season will be back to normal. “I can’t wat to have normal practices with everyone again,” said sophomore Morgan Sajtar

This year was crazy, and the boys made the best of it. “It was a great season, I really enjoyed it. I made some friends and I’m looking forward to getting better at the game next year,” said freshman Anthony Tabares. Hopefully, these boys will get to play again this fall with a little more normality.