The final lap

The track seniors celebrate their season


The Varsity Track Team.

Lainy Lundvick, Staff Reporter

As we approach the end of the school year, many seniors approach the end of their St. Edward’s athletic careers. Three of these seniors are track runners Jase Leonard, Julia Heffelfinger, and Ethan Wagh. I had the privilege of speaking with these three spectacular runners about their final lap as St. Edward runners.

For all three runners, it is a bittersweet goodbye as it is their last season together. Julia, Jase, and Ethan all started the track team as freshmen. “It’s crazy to see how far we have come; you can really tell how much we have all improved as individuals and as team compared to our first year together,” Captain Jase Leonard shares

A thing all three seniors share a love for is the team bonding. They have been together for all four years, creating memories that they will always look back at and have a laugh about. “I remember drinking rainwater from a puddle just to gross people out,” Ethan Wagh shares as his favorite funny memory. The senior athletes all agree that the relationships you create through this sport is one of the best aspects. “Because it’s our last year, one of my main goals is to grow even closer as a team,” Julia shares.

For every athlete, there is always a goal for every season. The team all said that they are always striving to improve their time. Whether it be short distance or long distance, they are constantly working hard to bring down that time. Besides the goal to cut down time, the seniors also want to have a good final go all around the board. “I just want to have a good final season all around. So far, we’ve been doing great at meets and practices. I hope we are able to keep up the good work as we close out the season!” Jase Leonard shares as her goal for the season.

This team has exemplified hard work for these past four years. They have also shown others the importance of teamwork. Our school is extremely proud of them! This  team is closing out their season June 3rd at Winnebago.