Strike three, you’re out!

St. Edward’s Baseball Team Season Outlook


Pitcher Franke Parente prepares to strike out the other team.

Alissa Hill, Staff Reporter

St. Edward’s baseball team has had a rocky start this year for Varsity with eight losses and one win. Even so, there is hope for a comeback since there are still eighteen games to be played. The JV team is having better start with six loses and two wins.

St. Edwards Varsity roster is Andrew Walker (24), Jacob Breier (22), Tom McQueeny (21), Tommy Tomaka (22), Thomas Walla (23), Ezekiel Rolando (21), Liam Pomeroy (21), Anthony Buono (22), Nicolas Maloney (23), Kyle West (22), Frank Parente (21), Ryan Mamrot (22), Frankie Carino (22), Jack Heffelfinger (22), and Christopher Pavlatos (21).

St. Edward’s JV roster is Chris Taing (23), Thomas Walla (23), Nolan Pomeroy (24), Drew Pemberton (23), Jack Cozzi (24), John Spiczak (24), Andrew Walker (24), Maxwell Kaufman (22), Jack Heffelfinger (22), Andrew Ramos (24), Nicolas Maloney (23), Josh Avila (24), Josh Fowle (24), Kaden Dawson (24), and James Kilcoyne (23).

Baseball is considered a low-risk sport regarding Covid-19 IDPH guidelines. So, baseball continued almost as normal except for the addition of Covid-19 safety precautions. They started out with wearing masks for practices and are now allowed to compete without a mask. Baseball will have all its normal competitions and tournaments since it is a low-risk sport.

Senior Spotlight: Tom McQueeny, Ezekiel Rolando, Liam Pomeroy, Frank Parente, and Christopher Pavlatos.