Senior Wills


Madison O'Connell, Managing Editor

To Mr. Drake,

I leave you “Maddey” and a spot in my top 3 favorite teachers.

To Mrs. Schmidt,

I leave you The Edge, all my random ideas and questions, and all our social media passwords.

To Charlie O’Connell,

I leave you the O’Connell legacy, my parking spot in “Topper,” and my awful playlist in the morning.

Madison O’Connell


 To Mr. Bimmerle,

I leave my humor for future classes in need of an uplifting day.

Jack Ellinger


To Jeric Cacal,

I leave the Smash Bros trophy that he already had because I decided to try to cancel his Flare Blitz with a Blade Beam like an idiot.

Andrew Stapay


To Delaney Lutzow,

I leave you my lemon air fresheners and my love for Harry Styles & dried mangoes.

To Francesca Ventimiglia,

I leave you the ability to make your own decisions on what to wear on dress down days.

To Delaney Nolan,

I leave you cinnamon apple crisps and all the healthy food out there.

Andrea Rivera


To Delaney Nolan,

I leave you my tik tok fame and our twin telepathy.

To Brooke Biggins,

I leave you my jurassic park jeep jk lol.

To Delaney Lutzow,

I leave you my James Charles stickers.

Grace Enright


To the underclassmen in band class,

I leave my love for music.

To Mr. Drake,

I leave my love for David Lee Roth and hate for Sammy Hagar.

Matt Brady


To Jack Cozzi,

I leave you my number 22. Give it to the toughest and craziest freshman when you are a senior, make sure to give Coach Childers a good time while I’m gone.

Anthony Kirkwood


To Marlee Franquelli,

I leave you my position as head water girl, as well as the golf cart driving rights.

To Jack Wright,

I leave you the family legacy of being “swull”.

To the girls varsity soccer team,

I leave you my luck in finding a new goalkeeper, as well as more then 3 subs.

Rebecca Wright


To Danny Schuck,

I will the St. Ed’s Ping Pong Club and the Scholastic Bowl Team, and the title of “That one smart kid.” Take good care of them.

To Louis Banet,

I give my random trivia knowledge.

To Mr. Briski,

I give my thanks for helping me out with my classes and clubs.

Ethan Olson


To Jason Garcia,

I leave you the clown car of people you must drive, have fun.

To Lucy Foy,

I will attempt to leave some time management skills but I think I’m wasting my time.

To Mr. Sanders,

I leave all the fun stories of instigating during zero hour.

Michael Tripicchio


To Brooke Biggins, Kate Draftz, and Kailey Treiber,

I leave the back of the bus on the way to volleyball games.

Taylor Jannusch


To Sophia Scheider,

I leave the Captain position for XC, run hard and make it fun, I’ll miss running with you so much!!!

Jase Leonard


To my choir babies,

I leave you with the responsibility of not letting the music program die out. Don’t let me down.

To Izzy Kirkwood,

I leave you with the power to be unapologetically yourself. Make me, Maura, and Maelle proud.

To my French children,

I leave you with all of my quizlet hacks and technology knowledge.

Rachel Rebolledo


To Emmanuel Esquibias,

I leave you my quizlet, make me proud!

To Lexi Alfaro,

I leave you to lead the basketball team…Do it for Denny!

To Natalia Resendiz,

As your big sister, I leave you my ability to procrastinate, but still get all your assignments done with A’s !

Daniela Esquibias


To Charlie McQueeny,

I leave you the golf team.

Thomas McQueeny


To my brothers and friends,

Leave everything out in school and always do your best even when it gets hard. That’s when you find yourself and know your abilities. Sam, I leave you specifically my confidence ability. Lucas, I leave you my courage ability

Evan Birdsell


To Timmy Warner,

I leave you number #11.

Zeke Rolando


To Owen Morgan,

I leave you the responsibility of taking over the special teams unit, as well as the Subaru/the “We-Snap-Mobile.”

To the JV Football Players,

I leave you all with one free hug pass.

To PJ,

I leave you my hairclippers… flow szn has now begun.

Oscar Morgan


To Delaney and Morgan Lutzow,

I leave you the role of being goofy at practices.

To Delaney Nolan,

I leave you my funniness and going into Ms. Weber’s room and dipping my fingers in her candle wax all the time.

To PJ,

I leave my passes for being late.

Ariann Franco


To Delaney Lutzow,

I leave you my left hand dribble.

To Mrs. White in the office,

I leave you all my late passes.

To Kim Aguirre,

I leave you my right side position

Madison Schueler


To Lenore Mcbean,

I leave you the soprano part in choir which I expect to be amazing next year. You got this. Also don’t forget to dance while singing it’s the best part.

To Izzy Kirkwood,

I leave you the role of running to get coffee before every football game no matter what. <3

Maura Mcgraw


 To Brooke Biggins,

I leave a box of fruit loops.

To Delaney Lutzow,

I leave money for the next Starbucks run.

To Sophie Scheider,

I leave the aux cord on the soccer bus.

Mia Castro


To Jack Heffelfinger,

I leave my parking space and an alarm clock.

To Sophie Schneider,

I leave you the responsibility of leading group stretches in cross country and my spikes in case yours happen to go missing again…

To Kailey Treiber,

I leave you the leftover money on my lunch card.

Julia Heffelfinger