Aliens in Antarctica?


Mckenzie Everett, Staff Reporter

Antarctica isn’t a common place for anyone to visit. It seems, well, abandoned, and closed off. What if there are more than just polar animals there? What if there are aliens? 

This is simply a conspiracy and nothing to put too much thought into. But at the same time, should we just ignore this? I know this sounds like a bizarre theory, but it’s going to make sense. Antarctica is a continent, and that’s all we know. There are no towns, no people, anything. There are scientists though. If you can visit Antarctica, taking anything from there is banned/illegal. Why would this be? Are they keeping something from us? What if there is new life out there? We will never know. 

To add to this theory, there have been many sightings of UFOs overall. If you look it up, there are many videos and reactions to these videos. I would not say rely on the internet for your answers. But this is certainly something you should check out.