Football field gone AGAIN?!


Ryan Sauceda, Staff Reporter

Breaking News: St. Edward’s practice field has gone up in flames. On April 1st, the St. Edward practice field burn overnight. Abbot Field is known to have strange weather occurrences as it has only rained there a few times over many years. This, along with the previous time one of our fields burnedcould spell disaster for the football team.

The last time the practice grounds were in peril, Scotts Lawn Service saved the day using their all-natural sod to quickly repair the damage. They were the heroes to an otherwise disastrous situation, and now they are needed again to repair the damage once more. This time the reason why the grounds went up in flames is rather mysterious, is there an evil villain hellbent on the destruction of all St. Edward’s playing fields? Or is it something even more sinisterOnly time will tell.  Watch The Edge website closely for updates on this developing story.