Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo team up to co-write their new song ‘Fake’


Adilene Hernandez, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief

Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have been secretly planning to release a new song on Thursday, April 1. This collaboration idea started days after Olivia released her number one hit song “Driver’s License” on January 8, which would in turn be a record-breaking phenomenon.

Olivia has always had a deep appreciation for Taylor and her music style. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Olivia said, “Taylor has heavily influenced my song writing and, in some ways, I look at her like a mentor.” Noticing how much appreciation and love she had for her, Taylor reached out to Olivia personally and asked her if she would like to create a song together.

The two would later co-write a brand-new song called “Fake.”  This song would eventually include a music video which would come out days after its release. The song would be inspired by all of those who have pretended to be someone they are not causing broken trust between strong bonds. The music video would be simple and include a mixture of elegant and bold styles.

Both Olivia and Taylor said in another interview that they enjoy each other’s company and that they will continue to create more songs together as well as help each other with song lyrics. Their friendship has seen some growth throughout these days. Taylor said, “I am so thankful I got to meet such a young and talented person.” With this being said, we can say that there may be more number one hit songs taking the world by storm.