A Creepy Crawly Problem Around the School


Taylor Petruczenko, Staff Reporter

As of April 5, St. Edward is going all-remote for a week due to an infestation of creatures known by the students as “St. Eds Bugs”, assumed to be some kind of centipede. The bugs have been spotted around the school before, but after a routine check of the school they realized that the problem was worse than they originally thought, learning that St. Eds bugs are not the only creature to make a home in the school.

This problem was brought to light when Mr. Jason O’Reilly with O’Reilly Extermination came to do a routine check of the school. “They are everywhere,” he said, “I have never seen so many in one place at the same time, and you know what that means, there are other bugs here too.” For context, centipedes are carnivores and eat other bugs. Some of the bugs they eat include cockroaches, flies, moths, termites, and even bedbugs. This means that if St. Eds has an infestation of centipedes, it is most definitely infested with at least one or more of these other bugs.

Upon learning this information, the school decided that the best course of action was to hire O’Reilly Extermination to rid the school of all of the bugs including whatever has drawn the St. Eds Bugs here in the first place. Both students and staff will be at home during this time and no sport practices will be held at the school. As of right now, we are scheduled to return to school on April 12, but the plan  may change based on how bad the problem is.

Everybody is hoping to have this problem fixed as soon as possible.  We have just started all in-person learning and are hoping to resume the schedule soon. Though this problem might seem bad, it is being dealt with in the best way feasible.