Do not fear, the French fries will be back here!


Madison O'Connell, Managing Editor

Are you tired of spending a ridiculous amount of money on the delicious Quest prepackaged lunches? Do you have a craving for the famous St. Ed’s fries? Do not worry – after enough complaining and everyone going broke, we are getting the original lunch ladies back! Many students’ mouths are already watering thinking about all the new food choices that will be available once again! We love chef Dan as he states, “I will miss St. Ed’s and all the amazing people here, but it’s like they can’t wait to see me go,” but it is time to see a change!

Quest lunch services have been with us for about four years now and it is our time to say goodbye. “It hasn’t been an easy decision for us to make, but with the effects of COVID-19, we are trying to reduce costs wherever we can,” Principal Tekampe shares. St. Edward has had many financial struggles along with many other local private schools due to the COVID-19 virus. Quest lunch services are more expensive than the original lunch program St. Ed’s offered, and now because of it, they are being replaced! Students shared their thoughts during a meeting held after school and many of them mentioned how it is almost $100.00 a week in a normal school year for just their lunches! In order to see Quest leave St. Ed’s for the next upcoming school year, the administration had to make a few phone calls to the ladies that used to run the lunch services. None of them were hesitant at all; in fact, they cannot wait to come back and have already created next year’s menu! The famous fries that many past students talk about will be served on the first day back at school in August. They cannot wait to see all the students again and bring back some old traditions they once shared!

We look forward to some delicious food!