School uniforms return


Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

Shirts of the school uniforms have not been required throughout all this year. This is because with the hybrid learning, the school wanted to lift the students’ spirits by letting them wear spirit wear up until now.

Students are going to be wearing school uniforms again. This is because students have begun taking advantage of the spirit wear and are wearing whatever they want instead of something representing St. Edward. The easiest way for the school to fix this is to require all the students to wear the full uniform.

Also, students have started bullying the other students who have continued to wear the uniform even though you can wear spirit wear. The bullies have been heard verbally harassing these students by calling these students “poor”, “broke”, and “weirdo.” Teachers have finally caught wind of what is happening in the hallways and are not going to allow it anymore.

Starting after Easter Break, students will be required to wear either a green St. Edward polo or a grey St. Edward polo. Students who do not follow this dress code will not be warned but will have an immediate punishment of an after-school detention on the coming Friday.

Another new thing coming to St. Edward is the new uniform coming to the school next year. Next year, both boys and girls will have two uniforms. Boys and girls will keep the normal uniform they have this year but there will also be an additional one. The boys will be getting one with shorts and a new polo. The girls will be getting pants different from the boys with a new polo.

Overall, the uniforms will be coming back to the school due to the student’s misbehavior over the last quarter. Also, everyone will be back together so there is no reason to keep the spirit wear at all times still going.