February Book Review: All the Bright Places


Lainy Lundvick, Staff Reporter

For all you romance book lovers, it is your time of the year. It is the month of love! There are so many types/ tropes of this genre that I just insist that you must read one romance book leading up to Valentine’s Day. But to make it easier for you, I will recommend one of my all-time favorite books that just so happens to have a perfect amount of romance. The book I recommend is All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.

The book follows two lost souls, Violet and Theodore. They are both high schoolers who want nothing to do with this Earth, which is the exact reason that brings them together. In the beginning, Violet finds herself on the roof. We learn that she recently lost her sister in a car accident she was involved in. The aftermath of this accident leaves Violet extremely depressed from the loss of her sister and suffering from a touch of survivor’s guilt. We do not know if she will jump or not until she is stopped by the odd Theodore Finch. When we meet him, he just seems like an odd, charismatic guy, but that is far from the truth. Theodore is bipolar and has an extreme obsession with death. The two are paired together for a school project where we will see Theodore trying to lead Violet to peace through her wall of sadness. The pair form an unlikely friendship, which undoubtedly turns to more. Theodore may be able to help Violet out of the dark, but will anyone be able to save him?

Although I recommend this book because it has romance, there is still way more to this book than just that. It deals with adolescent love, grief, mental health, and so much more. A big message of this book shines light on mental health which I find extremely important in todays day and age. Another great thing about this book is that it was adapted to a Netflix film last year! It stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith. Many of my friends love the movie, so definitely give that a watch if you are interested!