Another morning, another Starbucks


Rachel Hernandez, Social Media + Yearbook Copy Editor

A new Starbucks is opening up on McLean Boulevard in the local town and shopping center. A one-story building with a drive-through window and plenty of parking space has the community excited. This new location makes it easier for students, parents, and workers to grab their favorite beverage on their way to work. Along with the project of the Starbucks being built, there are also trees being planted to make the area of the Starbucks look extra new. Not only does this make the area look newly updated but can also make this Starbucks look eye-catching. More people are to notice this new sight on their way to work or school, which will make this Starbucks busy right away. It will now make mornings easier for people that need that cup of coffee!

Students at St. Edward Central Catholic Highschool are thrilled to have this new location available on their way to school. “I’m kind of excited to see it open because I’ll be going there often at the end of the school day next quarter since I’m doing e-learning for now. I’m just worried that it’ll constantly be packed and cause traffic,” says senior Maggie Garcia. There is no set date for when this new location will be ready to open as it is currently being built.