Various Valentine’s Day Traditions


Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

Valentine’s Day is here! How are you going to celebrate it? Different countries all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in different ways.

In Slovenia, “St. Valentine is one of the patron saints of spring. It is believed that on February 14, plants start to regenerate as this day marks the first day of working in the fields for the New Year,” according to Travel Triangle. They also believe birds propose to each other on this day.

Spain’s day of love is known as the Feast of Saint Dionysus. This day is celebrated on the 9th of October. It is celebrated in most parts of Spain by making macadora, which is a marzipan figurine. The men make these to give to their female companions. Another way they celebrate in Spain is with colorful parades.

The Philippines’ Valentine’s Day “is the time when many young couples marry in an event sponsored by the government as a form of public service,” according to Travel Triangle. This is called the Gala Event, and it is a very important day for young couples.

The epicenter of romance is the Valentine’s Day in France. This is celebrated on the 12th through the 14th of February. On these days, people have their yards, trees, and homes decorated with love cards, roses, and proposals for marriage flakes.

Argentina celebrates “For Week of Sweetness”. It started as its own holiday, but later became a Valentine’s tradition in July. In this week, couples exchange kisses and receive chocolates and other sweets.

In Japan, it is quite the contrary of what we see here. On February 14th, women give male companions gifts and chocolates. The men are not allowed to give anything back to the woman until March 14th, this is the white day.

Overall, knowing these new saints’ feast day traditions, will you be celebrating them on February 14th or some other time in the year?  What’s important is doing the one that you think is most fun and interesting to celebrate love.