Calling all writers and artists: St. Edward’s literary magazine is here!


Jase Leonard, Copy Editor

St. Edward gets an exciting new addition, our very own literary magazine, The Rising Tide! A brainchild of Mrs. Syrris, the magazine will be a way for all the students of St. Edward to express themselves. The magazine will display students’ poems, artwork, short stories, and essays. This year there is no theme; all submissions will be considered for publishing, as long as they are school appropriate. Mrs. Syrris stated when asked about a theme for the first issue, that, “I had debated including a theme, but this year has been so limiting as it is!” A limiting year indeed, but this magazine breathes a breath of fresh air into the school and gives students a new way to get involved.

There are not many requirements for submissions for this issue; anyone can submit their work, so do not be shy and send in some of your work! When asked what the inspiration was behind the magazine, Mrs. Syrris responded, “My students are the inspiration for the magazine! After reading The Canterbury Tales in our British Literature class, students were tasked with writing satirical poems in the same vein as Chaucer. The poems they turned in were clever, funny, and sometimes even poignant. I thought this would provide an opportunity for them, and others, to share their writing with a wider audience and continue to be creative.” All the submissions are read and assessed by Mrs. Syrris, and the work is chosen based on quality and appropriateness.  Since not all work will be published, getting yours published is a great accomplishment.

Submissions are due March 31st, and the first issue of The Rising Tide will be around April 30th. For the first publication of the magazine, there will be no sort of meeting, all submissions will be edited and reviewed virtually. The magazine will be a virtual publication, which allows both in-person and e-learning students to participate. Mrs. Syrris said about the future of the magazine, “With enough interest, this project has the opportunity to grow in the future.” There is a lot of freedom with submissions for this first publication, so I urge you to participate! This is a great opportunity to share your work, whether that is art, photography, poetry, or any other form of expression!