Don’t be SADD, we’re back!


Madison O'Connell, Managing Editor

SADD, also known as Students Against Destructive Decisions, has returned to St. Edward SADD Club had their first club meeting on WednesdayJanuary 13, where their focus was getting to know each other and coming up with ideas. As SADD is mainly a studentrun club, moderator Ms. Weber (15) has looked over SADD for the past two years. Ms. Weber noted to students during their first meeting that SAAD was one of her favorite clubs during her high school years stating, SADD is one of the best clubs at St. Ed’s because it teaches young people how to grow into leaders in their community and well-rounded adults.  Young people are the future, so it is really important that they are aware of how to make smart decisions for themselves and those around them!  SADD was one of my favorite clubs during high school, so if you dislike destructive decisions, but like spending time with the coolest Greenwaves, come and join!” 

During SAAD’s first meeting, club members shared ideas they had and what they were looking forward to. This year, the executive board includes President Ashley Buchanan ’21, Vice President Ella Niehaus ‘21Secretary Melanie Mendez ‘23Treasurer Madison O’Connell ’21, and Board members Ashley Mahute ‘22 and Jianna Burns ’22.  The board has decided to incorporate the following awareness months into their planned activities: January: Human Trafficking Awareness, February: Kindness Week (February 17-23) & Bullying Awareness, March: Healthy Eating, April: Distracted Driving & Alcohol Awareness, and May: Anxiety Awareness. For SADD’s first month, they are focusing on human trafficking awareness month, with activities including a blue color themed dress down day and sharing statistics many students may not know. Following their first month is kindness week and bullying awarenesswhere students will learn about how small acts of kindness go a long way and how bullying can affect students in different ways.  

 A change to SADD Club this year includes a chance to win a small prize each time you participate! Miss Weber will be keeping track of all the times you participate (some activities may include screenshot proof or a small action) and your name will be put into a jar. Every once in a while, Ms. Weber will have a drawing for a small prize to keep SAAD members engaged!  

 If you are interested in learning more about SAAD Club or joining, check out our Instagram page: sadd_steds and email Ms. Weber [email protected]