St. Edward drama club presents “The Golden Age of Radio”

In our first ever virtual production, St. Edward Thespians write, produce and perform in three original radio episodes!

Modern Views: Please enjoy “Modern Views,” a Talk Show set in the 1930s in which the events of the last decade are discussed and debated! Written, edited and performed by Joey Lee, Kelly Hancock, Olivia Brown, and  Ava Pfeiffer. Rated G.

Enjoy the video of “Modern Views” here! 



The Corn Maze: Please enjoy “The Corn Maze,” an autumn thriller set in the 1950s, leaving us wondering: who will get out of the corn maze… alive?! Written, edited, and performed by Lilly West, Aspen Terlep, Areli Tinajero, Caleb Groves, and Halina Haydock. Rated PG, crime.

Video of “The Corn Maze” coming soon!


Return to Sender: Please enjoy “Return to Sender,” a crime drama set in the 1980s, where badges mean nothing and no one knows who can be trusted! One question remains…. who, indeed, are the real criminals in a room full of paid-off agents? Written, edited, and performed by Jack Ellinger, Halina Haydock, Lilly West, Kelly Hancock, and Nina Fillipi. Rated PG-13, crime, mild language.

Video of “Return to Sender” coming soon!