When should Christmas decorations come down?


Tory Lindholm, Staff Reporter

Christmas season is right around the corner, and people are starting to put up their decorations if they haven’t already.  With school for most kids across the country getting their 2 week break, starting Friday December 18th , most decorations will be up sometime during the 2 week break. But when should the decorations be taken down? In most cases, the average family takes the decorations 7-10 days after Christmas.  Meanwhile, Christmas Decoration Expert, Deemer Cass, from Fantastic Services, says families should stay in accordance to celebrating the 12 ACTUAL nights of Christmas, and it is bad luck if you leave the decorations up after the 12 days. The 12 days of Christmas comes from the birth of Christ, and ends with the coming of the three Wise Men.  According to the legend, tree spirits live in the evergreens, so they will be released as soon as Christmas is over, or “unsuspecting humans will face the consequences”, Cass claims.

In my opinion, I hate when people leave their decorations up long `after Christmas, there is a neighbor on my street who leaves these extremely bright lights up a month after Christmas, some years even almost 2 months after. It looks funny, when his is the only house like that. My family usually sets up our tree and decorations the weekend after thanksgiving, and we take them down a couple of days after Christmas.

I think Christmas is a happy holiday, which is filled with good times and family. Having the decorations up could be a way for people to “hold on” to that fun they had for a little after. Maybe for some people they enjoy the holiday so much it makes them sad to have to pick up everything and wait for a whole year just to put things back up. But in general, I think decorations should be taken down and packed up and put away till next year December.