Holiday book review: Let It Snow


Lainy Lundvick, Staff Reporter

Looking for a nice holiday book to get you in the spirit? Well, look no further because I present you Let it Snow. The thing that makes this book different from the rest is that it’s three different stories in one. The three stories are “The Jubilee Express”, “Cheertastic Christmas Miracle”, and “The Patron Saint of Pigs”. Each story could be read individually, but I recommend reading all of them because they are somewhat intertwined.

My favorite of the three was “The Jubilee Express”. It’s about a girl named Jubilee who was super excited to spend Christmas with her boyfriend, Noah, this year. That was until her parents shipped her down to Florida via train to her grandparents for the holiday. If that wasn’t bad enough, she never made it because her train broke down in a random town. So she wandered around the town until she spotted a Waffle House. In the diner, she came across a boy named Stuart. The two hang around each for the snowy day and you can guess what happens: they begin to fall for each other.

This book was a quick, lighthearted read. I really enjoyed the three different stories that are easy to read so they will keep your interest. Another great thing about this story is that it was adapted to a film on Netflix!  The movie was just like the book in the sense it will get you into the holiday spirit. So, go read that book or watch that movie before the holiday season is over!