Top of the class: The senior senators

Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

St. Edward’s senior senators all hope to improve this unfortunate COVID-19 school year by helping everyone in the school and at home to be more involved in activities. By doing this they are hoping to bring a joyful spirit to the school.

Taylor Jannusch
Favorite Apple: Honeycrisp

Taylor Jannusch is one of the senior senators and it is her 3rd year being on the student council. Her drive to be in the student council is to make all of the senior’s last year great and memorable. Despite the concerns about the pandemic Taylor says, “I’m bringing my new ideas and suggestions that follow COVID guidelines, so we can still have a fun school year with lots of opportunities to show school spirit, have fun, etc.”.


Sarah Kirchen
Favorite Apple: Honeycrisp




This year is Sarah Kirchen’s 2nd year being in student council and she is a senior senator. Her drive is to make school more enjoyable for everyone. She is thinking of ideas to make all remote learners more involved with the school.






Ethan Hayward
Favorite Apple: Honeycrisp


Ethan Hayward is having his first year in student council. He will be taking on the role of a senior senator. He says, “My drive to be in student council is based upon the fact that I am a senior this year and it’s my last chance to be a part of it.” This year he will be bringing his willingness to help St. Edwards.



Josh Nordan
Favorite Apple: The red one



Joshua Nordan is participating in his 2nd year in student council and is taking the role of a senior senator. His drive is to be very involved in the school since this is his last year here.




Hannah Dorley
Favorite Apple: Apple juice is where it’s at!


This is Hannah Dorley’s first year being on the Student Council and she will be taking on the role of a senior senator. She says,” My drive to be in student council is to be able to have an opinion that matters and be able to make St. Edwards a fun and friendly environment.” She will bring lots of unique ideas to make this school year special despite COVID-19.




Overall, it is going to be a very important and hard year for the student council. Thinking of different things they can do to make the school year fun will be hard due to the COVID-19 guidelines.