Greenwave takes on the ice

Jase Leonard, Copy Editor

St. Edward will be heading to the ice for the second-ever Hockey Day game sometime this year…hopefully. The tentative date for the match was December 28th, but due to new COVID-19 regulations, the game is postponed. With Covid-19 still inhibiting many of our school events, the game is still up in the air. Since it will not go on over Christmas break this year, Mr. Drake said the crew will be, “looking to the spring and even late 2021,” because, per the St. Edward spirit, the show must go on. The game will happen only if local Covid-19 restrictions permit it, everyone’s safety is a top priority.

The hockey game started up last year, a brainchild of Mr. Drake, and was a “rousing success” according to him. The Hockey Day was held at the Leaf’s Center (now West Dundee Canlan Sports) and is expected to be held there again this year. The team is made up of six to eight current St. Edward students and six to ten St. Edward alumni who come back to join in on the fun. The student body is also invited to come to watch the match; hopefully, this year we can get a good crowd going to cheer the game on. This will be an annual activity and will hopefully continue to grow and pick up some steam.

When asked about the future possibility of an official St. Edward hockey team, Mr. Drake responded, “There’s always an opportunity”. The school may not have the numbers or interest yet, but who knows, maybe there will be a great hockey prospect in a few years. On top of the excitement of the game itself, very spiffy hockey jerseys are sold to promote Hockey Day and add a little spice to spirit wear apparel. The St. Edward Hockey Day is one of the many unique events at our school, and we are all so excited to see how the game goes this year!