We Used to Be Friends Book Review


Lainy Lundvick, Staff Reporter

We Used to Be Friends by Amy Spaulding follows two best friends, James and Kat. The have been best friends for as long as they could remember and are just about to start their senior year. Their relationship was always each other’s main concerns. But with growing up comes new life issues. James feels like her life is falling apart.  She just recently broke up with her boyfriend and her parents just broke the news to her that they are separating. While James is dealing with those issues, Kat also has new things in her life happening. She is dating a girl for the first time and her father is also currently looking for a relationship which is not exactly comforting for Kat. To add to those new things in their lives, they are both waiting to her back from their colleges. They start failing to find a balance in their relationship with the new additions in their lives. They started their year together as inseparable and end as practically strangers.

We Used to Be Friends in my opinion was a phenomenal interpretation of what a friendship breakup feels like. I really enjoyed this story because I think it was a unique take on a breakup. There are countless romance books with relationship downfalls, but you do not see many stories where a platonic relationship is the focus. I would recommend this story to anyone who is looking for an emotional roller-coaster, complex read. The story goes back and forth through their timeline and alternate points of view. While it is somewhat intricate to read, it is full of a perfect blend of sadness and humor. I would rate this book a 5/5 for its excellent writing and portrayal of heartbreak.