New kids on the block: The freshmen senators

Rachel Hernandez, Social Media + Yearbook Copy Editor

Student Council has gained new freshmen members to take on a senator role. These students have many ideas to bring to the student council and are excited to have this opportunity. What will these students like to see at St. Edward?

Caitlyn Madsen





Along with upperclassmen, freshmen Joseph Lee, Caitlyn Madsen, Madeline May, Edwin Ouimet, and Lilly West have been chosen as school senators and already have ideas in mind.  Freshmen are wanting this year to be the best it can be working around the pandemic.

Lilly West








“Primarily I just want to make people happy. This year, more than ever, people have been struggling mentally and I hope that through the events brought to the school by the Student Council, we can make everyone’s day just a little bit brighter,” says senator Lilly West. 




Edwin Ouimet

With their leadership position, trying to do the best to make school normal again by having costume themes and contests is the best that can be done for now. “I feel proud that I was elected, especially in the pandemic because not everyone knows who I am. I have past experiences in other schools, so I can use those ideas at St. Edward,” says senator Edwin Ouimet. The senators are currently planning on what they want to see next as far as themes and activities and look forward to what’s to come. 




Joseph Lee



Though it has been a different start to their year, these freshmen senators keep their heads held high and remain positive the best they can. “The highlight of my freshman year is the small cluster of friends I’ve made since arriving at St Edward,” says senator Joseph Lee.


Madeline May




Not only are they enjoying the friends they have made but they are also enjoying their classes. “ One highlight of my year so far has been learning so much more information in theology class,” says another freshman senator, Madeline May. Student Council has made a great start with these five freshmen.