Book Review: Normal People


Lainy Lundvick

Looking for a quick read with a meaningful storyline? Well you can stop your search, I present to you Normal People by Sally Rooney. The story is about two characters, Connell and Marianne. We follow them through their lives in Ireland, from their confusing teenage years to their independent adult years.  It all started for them their senior year. Marianne was the smart, rich girl everyone seemed to hate. Whereas Connell was from the working-class and very popular. A tension grew between them when Connell’s mother started working as a maid for Marianne’s family. They end up acting on that tension which leads to plenty of drama, happiness and heartbreak down the road. They go back and forth for years while experiencing depression, happiness, success, failure- all the rises and downfalls of life. For the whole book, you will be wondering if they will ever be able to be on the same page, for them to be together. As you read, you will start to notice you relating to the same emotions both characters are feeling.

 Normal People is a love story, but it is not a romance novel. One of my personal favorite things about this book is that you do not only root for them as a couple, but you begin to root for them as individuals. I recommend this book for anyone who needs a quick paced book that gives you the perfect amount of drama, relatability, romance, and a tad bit of sadness. Another great thing about this book, it’s now a television adaptation! It is currently on Hulu consisting of 12 episodes. It stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones. It was voted the Best-Binge television show of quarantine. I also strongly recommend the T.V. show because I thought they did a remarkable job of staying true to the story. So go get that book and watch the show, I promise they are both a 10/10!