St. Edward club status

Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

St. Edward’s clubs have been in complete devastation recently. This is because of Covid-19. Club owners have not been able to do what they want to do. They can’t do anything but pray for this pandemic to end soon or else some clubs will never be able to even start.

S.A.D.D. (the St. Edward students against destructive decisions) has not been able to meet yet. This club has a lot of contact with each other such as driving. What they were hoping for this year may not be happening because of Covid-19, but they can most likely start meeting and learning mentally without the physical things.

The Drama Club has been meeting a lot entirely through Microsoft Teams. This has some limitations on the Drama club. They are rehearsing scripts, breaking down acts, and learning about history acts throughout the years. They are even recording the entire final product of a script through Microsoft Teams. However, they cannot do anything theatre-like with in-person interactions because they cannot maintain social distance.

The Scholastic Bowl team is a club where they answer questions ranging from English to math to history. They have been meeting through a chat server called Discord. Their practices have also been hosted there too. They will not be having in-person competitions this year which will be taking a lot of fun and competition out of it.

Catholic Outreach is meeting all virtually after school. They have already made plans to (try to) organize a contactless Baby Bottle Campaign. The goal is for people to donate money and put it in a baby bottle they will receive, with the money ultimately going toward TLC pregnancy services to help mothers in need.

At the moment the Drumline is not meeting. They will start meeting 2nd quarter. They do not know if it will be in-person or virtual. They are shooting for in-person, but this means they will have to find a way to keep all equipment sanitary.

The Yearbook club is planning on starting 2nd quarter. They will be using a hybrid method of meeting. The main worry is for this club is acquiring content. With many events canceled or postponed, it will be a challenge to fill up the yearbook.

Overall, the St. Edward clubs are going through a tough time due to Covid-19. Most of the clubs have found ways to work around this problem. The more physical clubs have been postponed due to restrictions.