An overview of the Vice Presidential Debate


A picture from CNN

Alissa Hill, Staff Reporter

The Vice Presidential Debate is where we got to see where the vice presidential candidates are at in their stance on certain issues. Republican Vice President candidate Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice-President candidate Kamala Harris had a spar of words at the debate on Wednesday, October 7th. The moderator for this debate was Susan Page.

The Vice Presidential Debate carried a more serious tone in contrast to the Presidential Debate held before it. Both candidates were courteous to each other on stage and there were minimal interruptions during each side stating their point. Certain questions were left unanswered or diverted to a whole different question by both candidates at certain points. Most networks tried to guide their viewers through the debate with listing fact-checking articles on their websites about the verity of the answers given by the candidates.

Both candidates tried to support their campaigns and running mates when answering the questions presented to them. Kamala Harris tried to appeal to the voters by using familiarity when talking about Joe Biden and their campaign stances and she also used empathic responses about the Covid-19 and insurance for those with pre-existing health conditions, which helped endear her to voters. On the other hand, Mike Pence kept his usual formal suave way of speaking during the debate which many political analysts expected of him during the debate; during the last question posed by a student, he answered he used familiar appeal when bringing up the recently deceased R.B. G.’s relationship with one of her colleagues on the supreme court.

Overall, a majority said that Kamala Harris, won the debate while some other sources say Mike Pence won. Polls from the majority of the sources including FiveThirtyEight, CNN, Politico, TheHill, U.S.News claimed Kamala Harris won. While a minority of sources including ABC7SanFransico, and ABC7NewYork claimed Mike Pence won. So, who won the debate for the majority goes to Kamala Harris, but for personal choice, it differs for others. An interesting opinion for many was that the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head won the debate for the social media buzz that focused more on the fly than the debate and the candidates.  So, it was an interesting debate that lead to some new unexpected outcomes like a fly gaining popularity on social media because of a Vice Presidential Debate.