What Fall 2020 has brought to the latest women’s fashion trends

Madison O'Connell, Managing Editor

2020 has brought some very different things including changes we did not know we needed, but one change a lot of people are happy about is the recycling of fashion. A hobby many have picked up since quarantine has been designing their own fashion pieces. Since a lot of people have been without income, recycling and thrifting clothes have become very popular. People have started Instagram pages to sell their clothes, often referring to them as, “closet cleanouts” to make some extra cash with pieces they are no longer wearing. Stores such as Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, and other resale shops have been thriving since people have been donating/selling things they found while doing a “quarantine” cleanout. Stores such as Plato’s Closet pays you cash on the spot for your gently used clothes that you no longer want which helps keep clothes out of landfills.

This year with many new styles coming straight from people’s own houses with the pieces they have created themselves, the trends have been ever-changing. Fall is the time to bring out your baggy sweaters and Doc Marten boots, or your leggings and Ugg Boots with fuzzy socks and a pumpkin spice latte! Fall trends for 2020 are going to include a lot of faux furs either styled as long coats or shorter coats to show off the latest jegging styles including the new Air Force One sneakers by Nike. Fashion go-to’s have always been boots, but this year in new fashion trends you will see more of a “fashion” boot coming back into style that includes such patterns as snake and cheetah including a low heel to add a couple of extra inches to your height.

Oversized hoodies have always been a great look for more of a lazy day, but now to stay trendy, style it with a fringe jacket! Jackets are going to be everyone’s best friend as the temperatures are already dropping. Jean jackets have made their way back but wearing denim on denim should not return to 2020. Wearing a jean jacket with black jeans is acceptable in the fashion world but wearing a jean jacket on top of your newly purchased pair of mom jeans might not be the best idea. Sweaters are always necessary in the fall and into winter, but the new patterns are adorable! Stars, cheetah print, and stripes have made their way back onto the fashion floor.

Many people have turned to making their own clothes that have included tie-dye making a comeback. During this time, sweatpants and, “loungewear” have been super popular since e-learning and working from home have been so common. People have designed their own clothes that make them feel confident, are affordable, and unique in their own ways.