5 DIY Halloween tips/decoration ideas for “Covid-ween”

Madison O'Connell, Managing Editor

Since treat-or-treating looks very different for some kids this year, here are five DIY tips for how to still make the best of, “covid-ween!” Click on the slideshow to see more!

#1 Handing out Halloween candy while not in contact with anyone:

Since many trick-or-treaters might still be approaching your door saying, “Trick or treat, give me something good to eat,” you must be prepared to not have hands on contact with them. By using this treat bag that is on a stick you could prevent that. Simply place the candy in the bag and let your trick or treater reach their own piece of candy. After each use feel free to spray the inside with a disinfect spray and only allow yourself to touch the handle to avoid the spread of germs.

#2 Protecting yourself and other Trick or Treaters when they approach your door:
Wear a creative facial covering! Halloween is known for its costumes and having fun, so why not make mask wearing fun as well! Wearing a foam covering over your eyes lets you dress up as a character and then adding a medical or Halloween theme cloth mask protects you from the spread of germs! For example, dressing up as a witch would let you wear a top hat and then to get even more into character, wear a full-face mask with a wig to complete your disguise and stay healthy!

#3 Scared of Trick or Treaters spreading germs when they reach to get a piece of candy?:

Use a medical glove and fill it with candy prior to Halloween night! Don’t worry about kids being allergic to latex as you are often able to find food prep gloves that are latex free! This is a good idea if you live in a smaller street and want to give your trick or treaters an extra little treat this year. Adding spider rings and coloring parts of the glove red could add more affect to the overall spooky theme of Halloween!

#4 Everyone has been making this face for 2020, but why not include it on a delicious strawberry Halloween treat:

These very simple white chocolate strawberries are everyone’s mood for 2020, but why not also make them a Halloween mood! Simply taking healthy, fresh strawberries, dip them in melted white chocolate and add a little extra to the end to get the ghost shape! Using milk chocolate add facial expressions you think most represent a ghost or simply a spooky affect! Include dipping the entire strawberry and making criss cross lines across it with dark, milk chocolate to create Frankenstein!

#5 On a budget this year, but still want super cute outdoor pumpkin decorations?:

DIY pumpkin jack o lanterns are going to be your answer for saving money and having the cutest decorations in the neighborhood! Most supplies that you will need for this project can be bought at the Dollar store. Your first step would be to purchase the original plastic pumpkins that are used as candy holders. Pick about 5-6 depending on how tall you want your lantern to be and make sure they have all different facial expressions if you want to add some more detail! Simply cut the black handle off each pumpkin and cut a hole in the bottom of each one leaving room for you to hot glue string lights to the sides. String lights can be purchased in any color, but make sure you have enough to string throughout the number of pumpkins you want to use. Using a hot glue gun, glue the bottom of the pumpkins together after you string the lights through them! This DIY idea can be completed with adding a witch had to the top of your tallest pumpkin or even wrapping toilet paper around them to make it a mummy pumpkin lantern! Ta da, you have an adorable lantern that only costed you around $10! (Prices vary on where you shop.)