Different ways schools are dealing with COVID-19

Lainy Lundvick, Staff Reporter

Ever since COVID-19 hit earlier in the year, all schools have been trying to find a safe way to learn. There were multiple options each school could choose to go with for the upcoming school year. But the most important factor each school is looking for is which choice will give students the best opportunity to learn while still being safe. The three main options each school is choosing from are hybrid, full in-person, and full remote.

Hybrid learning is blending online learning and in-person learning. Our school, St. Edward opted to do hybrid learning. We divided our classes to have an A group and B group with each group alternating between online and remote every other day. With this structure, students can maintain social distancing and restrict the amount of potential exposure. Our school also offers the opportunity to go fully remote if a student and their family do not feel fully comfortable returning to school during this alarming time.

The next option is full remote learning. Remote learning is learning fully online at home. This option ensures complete social distancing. All U-46 schools are currently doing full remote. This choice seemed to be made because these schools have many students and faculty making it hard to maintain safe social distancing. U46 schools intend to reevaluate in October to see what the next best step is for their students and their education.

The last option schools looked at was full in-person. In-person consists of all students returning to school at the same time. All the schools around ours chose to forgo this option because is seemed to be the least safe. COVID-19 is an unprecedented time leading schools to have to make quick decisions, but it seems our schools are handling it the best way possible.