Students and the hybrid learning model


Rachel Hernandez, Staff Reporter

At the start of this upcoming school year, students have had to face a different kind of learning that most are not used to. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students are to now follow a hybrid program where half of the school is present and the other half is at home. “There was a committee that decided on the hybrid model. That committee was made up of Mr. Tekampe, Mrs. Woj, Fr. Deitz, Mrs. DeBrocke, Mr. Brieger, and Mrs. O’Donnell. The committee met several times over the course of the summer looking at different options,” says Principal Tekampe

Though this may seem like a good idea to follow Covid-19 regulations, it has made quite an impact for students. With such a dramatic change, students have had different views on how the hybrid model is working out for them. Sophomore Stephanie Cortes says, “I personally think the program has helped me learn when I’m not in school in person,” which has been the case for most students. However, students that are all remote do have trouble with managing their device. Stephanie Cortes also claims that there has been some trouble with the Surface Pros. “The only complication with the tech is when writing with my stylus, it stops working and it won’t want to write. Aidelin Carachure, who is starting out this year as a freshman, also says she has experienced some complications on her computer but overall, the hybrid program is working out for her.

About 13% of students are not even following the hybrid program and are completely remote which also makes it new for students to stay focused for the day and have a quiet place to focus. “We also know that it can be more complicated as well, especially on the days when students are not in attendance,” says Principal Tekampe. Senior Edgar Menendez explains that he has had a hard time trying to focus on the Teams video chat. “It tends to lag a lot at times, and it makes it pretty difficult to follow along in some classes. I’d MUCH rather be at school every day.” Most kids find it easier to be present in school to get the full experience of “being in class”.

The teachers and faculty are currently trying their best to accommodate every student so they can have the best experience of being in class on remote learning days. “Our goal was to find an option that would allow students to return to school safely and follow the mandated guidelines from the state,” says Tekampe. Students and teachers are hoping for everything to be back to normal in a couple months so there is a chance for homecoming, prom, and other school events.