Coronavirus vaccine update

Gabriella Sarullo, Staff Reporter

Are we close to a vaccine for Covid-19? With months of waiting for a cure to the coronavirus, researchers think a vaccine will be ready very soon. Scientists developing the vaccine say that the clinical trials for the vaccine are almost in phase three.

In phase three, scientists test out the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. If the trials reach the end of phase three, we will hopefully have a vaccine that helps prevents the virus or acquiring symptoms. If phase three trials show negative side effects, scientists will have to go back into the early phases to develop a new vaccine. It is hard to see how long the phase three trials will take, but doctors and scientists are hoping to put out a vaccine by November 1st. If there is a vaccine out by November 1st only a few will be able to receive it such as healthcare workers, essential workers, and elders.

One of the main concerns for the vaccine is how effective will the vaccine be and is it worth it to get the vaccine? Many people have already stated they are not going to be getting a Covid-19 vaccine because of the short amount of time the vaccine has been developed says USA Today. With this concern in mind, researchers will not put out a vaccine if not effective.

Without a vaccine, many U.S states will not be able to fully open back up. For example, in Illinois, until a vaccine is found and distributed throughout the state, Illinois will not fully open back up. This goes for many other states in the U.S. For now, people are required to wear a covering face mask, have gatherings under 50 people, and stay socially distanced until a vaccine is found and is fully effective. Hopefully, a coronavirus vaccine is found soon, and we can all go back to our daily normal lives.