Covid-19 is affecting MLB

Covid-19 is affecting MLB

Nolan Pomeroy, Staff Reporter

The MLB has continued playing through Covid-19 since July 23rd with some extra safety rules to help prevent it from spreading. The safety rules have been both effective and ineffective in ways keeping some players from catching it while there have also been huge team outbreaks.

Multiple players on the Cardinals have gotten Covid-19 but almost all are asymptomatic according to CBS Sports. This was worrisome to the MLB, so they had postponed their series with the Pirates hoping to stop the number of cases in the MLB. Another team that has had a fear some outbreak was the Marlins with about 18 players and two coaches testing positive, postponing their season too according to CBS Sports. This was a high concern to the MLB so they postponed their game as well.

The MLB has implemented safety rules for the players such as no spitting, no seeds, no licking fingers for grip on the ball, and players must remain 6ft apart from each other at all times in the dugout. Some of these rules may seem crazy to normal people but all these things are what some players do at least twenty-five times a game.

The league has made the decision to let players choose whether players are comfortable enough to play. The ones that are at high risk will receive full salary, while at low risk will not. With this option, many players have decided to opt out. According to Sporting News, One of the players who decided to opt out was the Diamond backs starter pitcher Mike Leake who left, stating that he “took countless factors into consideration many of which are personal to him and his family.” Sporting News says another player that has opted out is Isan Diaz. The second baseman for the Marlins decided that after most of his team had gotten it, he the best decision was to leave for the rest of the year.

Even some coaches have decided to leave for the year because they are old and at risk of dying. Sporting News announced , Busty Posey, coach for the Giants, believes that since he is adopting twins it wouldn’t be right for him to put them at risk.

While the league has taken precautions and is maintaining some semblance of a season, Covid-19 had a big impact on the season putting teams at disadvantages losing key parts of their team while others are at full strength. So, some would say this season doesn’t really count for the world series winner.