The student becomes the teacher

An Interview with Ms. Kessuvan


Adilene Hernandez, Staff Reporter

In room 114 you will find St. Edward alumna Ms. Kate Kessuvan sitting at the teacher’s desk! Her passion for art and educating others about its value has led her to where she is today. “I want to show everyone here, whoever takes my class, how important art actually is because it’s in everything.”

Having been introduced to art at such a young age has given her a deep appreciation for the subject. Every shape, color, and stroke has a purpose. She aspires to make the art room a welcoming environment where students do not have to fear making mistakes but acknowledge their flaws. A place where you could express your personality and let creativity seep through every nook and cranny impacting the lives of many. “Wear your heart on your sleeve because it is you, your piece of artwork is who you are.”

Taking art all throughout high school has brought her many mentors such as Ms. Richmond who influenced her teaching style. “The style she had opened a lot of doors for people.” During college, not only did Ms. Kessuvan double-major in painting and art history, but she also acquired various skills in printmaking, digital imaging, and graphic design.

Her lesson plans will primarily be project-based in addition to implementing art history. “An important part of making art is to learn about the masters.” She loves seeing her students excited and passionate about creating. Watching them grow in their understanding and creative capabilities brings her the most joy.

Teaching at the school she grew up in is such a unique experience because it allowed her to know all of the teachers on a different level. “They are all wonderful people and they care so much about all the students that go here.” She will continue her journey as part of the Greenwave family influencing the next generation of future artists.