A 2,046 mile journey

Mrs. Arceo Haro, has had a drastic change coming from working in emergency rooms in Mexico, to becoming a teacher in Illinois


Grace Enright, Staff Reporter

As a college student, Mrs. Arceo Haro never pictured herself becoming a Spanish teacher for high schoolers. Mrs. Arceo Haro is the current Spanish 3 and 4 teacher at St. Edward.  She had been a tutor in Mexico for two years prior. She has some experienced background in hospitals, working in the emergency room.

Mrs. Arceo Haro hasn’t always lived in Illinois, let alone the United States, either. Arceo Haro moved to Illinois in December from Sahuayo, Mexico. She was coming to search for a better lifestyle for her soon-to-be two-year-old son. Arceo Haro attended college at Universidad Guadalajara Lamar, in Mexico. When it came time to decide what subject to teach, Mrs. Arceo Haro had no choice other than to teach her native language, Spanish, which she loves so much.

Mrs. Arceo Haro’s most treasured vacation spot is a small town in Mexico named San Miguel de Allende, located in the far eastern part of Guanajuato, Mexico. She enjoys the perfect temperature and the focus on the arts in the cute town filled with cobblestone streets and cultural traditions. Arceo Haro is hoping to bring her cultural knowledge and ideals to the Spanish Club as well. Taking her dog for walks, reading medical articles, and playing basketball are just a few hobbies Mrs. Arceo Haro likes to enjoy in her free time. Paul McCartney, the Beatles, and Bon Jovi are just a couple of the great artists Mrs. Arceo Haro cherishes listening to. When asked about her most memorable concert, she quickly responded with, “Paul McCartney, oh my goodness he is an amazing performer.” If Mrs. Arceo Haro were to meet someone dead or alive, she would choose Marie Curie, because she admires her strengths in chemistry and radioactivity. Mrs. Arceo Haro’s favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, and her favorite binge series is Mind Hunter on Netflix. Mrs. Arceo Haro’s favorite local restaurant would have to be Seven Luck, a Chinese and Asian cuisine in Schaumburg.

Covid-19 has been difficult as a Spanish teacher because it adjusted her teaching plans to less collaborating and speaking with classmates, but she manages to make it work by highly exposing her students to the language. When I asked Mrs. Arceo Haro what drew her into St. Edward, she replied, “It is a great place to study, work, and the people here are good. The students here are great, and the school has values that I greatly appreciate.” Bienvenido a St. Edward Mrs. Arceo Haro, estamos felices de que estés aquí! (Welcome to St. Edward Mrs. Arceo Haro, we are happy to have you here!)