Fashion Trends in the Time of Covid-19

Alissa Hill, Staff Reporter

Fashion is an everchanging entity that is impacted by everything around us. When change hits our world, fashion can be a representation of it. When Covid-19 hit everything stopped then drastically changed. Fashion is what showed this the most with the addition of masks and our clothes being geared to home. Since Fashion is a symbol of change, we will see how this pandemic has changed us.


The Los Angeles Times states, fashion has accelerated. Cozy/casual styles have slowly risen, but with quarantine according to the Washington Post it has risen dramatically. Teen Vogue brings up interesting trends, noting #QuarantineChic which shows fashion being explored by people with fun challenges that unleash fashion’s potential. Los Angeles Times noted companies selling DIY kits for fashion/beauty that let people expand their style themselves. Masks here, there, everywhere, so let’s see how fashion has evolved with masks.


Fashion designers have revamped masks in ways that flow with people’s style and add finesse to them. Chicago Designer Borris Powell according to ABC7 made fashionable masks that had designs on them but had a spot that allowed their wearer to drink with their mask on. On Windy City Live another designer showed men’s masks that are also pocket squares which allowed it to be a fashionable but give you easy access to masks. Masks are now statement pieces with celebrities like Lady Gaga wearing masks with wacky creature designs, studded masks, culturally based masks, and animal masks.


Comfy fashion has risen to the top. Dress shoes have become outdated according to the Washington Post because when you’re at home do you really want to dig out those uncomfortable heels when you can wear slippers or go barefoot. Vox Magazine stated that comfy clothing will be refashioned into comfy, but professional looking outfits. Fashion trends focus on clothes like pleather pants with a loose nice-looking shirt which is a comfortable, but business ready.


DIY has risen in popularity. Clothing companies were losing sales, so they switched to DIY fashion kits. Quarantine gave us stay-at-home time which is when you start to notice certain facts. Clothes at home are uncomfortable when they’re made for office styles, DIY kits allowed people to make clothes themselves that were comfortable, but classy. # QuarantineChic we saw frequently while we were online during the pandemic. It showed fashion trends with design challenges about making clothes from things you have at home. #QuarantineChic also showed people dressing up because when you’re not required to look your best it’s fun to spice it up.


The pandemic has changed fashion trends from business/street wear to comfy, but elegant. Fashion isn’t the store bought, high priced clothes, but clothes you have already or can make yourself. Fashion trends focus more on what you can make to feel more comfortable and creative in your clothing. Masks are a necessity but are also an accessory that can be customized to fit your style. Our fashion trends have evolved during the pandemic, but remember fashion never stops.


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