Time management while having a job

Jasmin Carachure

Many high schoolers have either done a sport or had a job. Both have taught people how well they need to time manage and how to keep up with their schedules. However, time management is hard if you don’t know how to effectively do it. I am here to help you with some tips, so you can utilize your time wisely. My first tip for you is to plan ahead. Plan each week in advance, putting down all your events on a calendar. 


I work as a host at a restaurant called Old Republic. I answer calls for takeout and I seat people. It has become a more popular restaurant and it becomes more and more busy which makes it a little more stressful to manage everyone and make sure to rotate between servers to not over seat them. That’s something a lot of people don’t understand in restaurants, we can’t just seat people anywhere without under-seating or over-seating certain people. It’s an okay job to start off with if you are looking to start working. 


A lot of people who go to school, do sports, and have jobs. Ellys Stasinski is a senior at St. Ed’s and she,with many others, has a lot on her plate. Ellys plays girls soccer during the Spring and also has maintained jobs during the school year. Ellys has worked at Dolphin’s Cove as a lifeguard, as a babysitter, chipotle, target, and now at Planet Fitness. I asked Ellys a few questions and she stated “Well I have less time and have learned to make myself a schedule. I work to have my own and build work experience. It feels nice to have my own money and be independent from my parents money so I won’t feel bad relying on them. Don’t worry about money at first and find a job that suits you.” 


Another Senior at St. Ed’s also has a busy schedule. She is your Greenmachine Vice President, SADD President, and an Interact Executive. She also plays varsity volleyball during the fall and club volleyball during the rest of the year. She also has worked at a hair salon, as a babysitter and during her free time was a volleyball coach for little kids. “Even though I don’t work as much as other people I still have to put a lot of time into all the activities that I am a part of. My main tip for people is to get a planner and write down what you have during the week so you can time manage better. It’s not easy because most of the stuff that I do at the moment I don’t really get paid for, ever since I had to leave my hair salon job. Even if you are very busy during the school year at least get a summer job, save your money, and become more independent on yourself.” 


I hope you can take these jobs and tips under consideration in your job hunt. Even though it may be stressful, with the right management everything will be worth it in the end. Remember to try your hardest to stay open to different types of jobs so you can be more experienced!