Chicago’s Starbucks Reserve

Rachel Hernandez, Reporter

Are you a Starbucks drinker? Well then you have to check out the new Starbucks Reserve in Chicago! November 2019, The world’s biggest Starbucks opened right In the heart of downtown Chicago and had over 10,000 people visit the opening day and still continues to get hundreds of people every week. The old Crate & Barrel turned into not just some ordinary Starbucks that you often come across to but known to be the biggest in the world with updated designs and more than anyone would expect. Lee, a woman standing in line said “We’ve been waiting for this moment and we’re very excited to be here in Chicago, this is epic.”

A total of five floors, it definitely has more than just serving cups of coffee. Each floor has something unique and different that people might prefer. If you like getting fresh coffee to take home then you might like to stop by the coffee scooping bar on the first floor on your way out. The reserve even has a flavor wheel of drinks on the wall to give you ideas on what you might be in the mood for. From floors  good for socializing to floors with calm relaxing settings to sit back, get work done, and enjoy your favorite beverage. Let’s not forget how everyone loves to take those artsy pictures too! You’ll find colorful backgrounds and good lighting for your pictures to be perfect for your instagram feed! Not only that but the high quality service. You are always greeted with a warm smile on the way in and out and their staff is always in a good mood to make you feel welcomed and pleased. The reserve also goes all out on food selections! Ordinary Starbucks gives you the typical cake pops, scones, bread, and cookies but the Reserve offers more high class delicious meals you can’t bear to skip out on like Pizza Al Tagli and Focaccia sandwiches or rich tarts and chilled tiramisu. Not to mention the gift shop area where you can purchase T-shirts, stickers, keychains and more.

The Starbucks Reserve is one of the most popular places to visit in Chicago and is definitely worth the wait in line. It’s a perfect place where friends and families can get together and have a good time well spent.