Red Velvet Macchiato

Jennifer Reynoso

Is your valentine a caffeine addict? Are you stressing about a last minute valentine treat/gift? Well, you’re in luck. As Valentine’s Day approaches so do seasonal drinks and treats. ‘Pink Velvet Macchiato,’ a new drink featured at Dunkin’ Donuts as part of the valentine season. 

I gathered two of my gal-entines and headed to DD, as a high school girl would, to try the new Pink Velvet Macchiato that many caffeine addicted teen girls were going crazy about. The drink is advertised to be pink, considering it’s red velvet it was predictable. My friends and I received our drinks and we headed to sit down. The drink is available hot or iced, we ordered ours iced, which makes sense, we live in the mid-west where it’s -6 degrees every other day. 

As you engulf the first sip you immediately taste the extreme sweetness of it. “It tastes like chocolate,” said senior Elise Kruska. “I like it, it’s not bad.” 

Senior Maya Ortiz added, “It has a spice to it, it feels like it’s kicking my throat- there’s a spice to it and that’s all I have to say.” Not sure what’s going on in her throat, but anyway, to me it just seemed to taste like a regular iced coffee with a side of bad stomachache. Many coffee places always come out with seasonal drinks and they all seem to taste the same. Then again, I am not a caffeine fanatic, so I took two sips of it and took it home in hopes someone would finish it. If you would like to stay awake for six consecutive days while bouncing off the walls, then the Red Velvet Macchiato is the drink for you. Happy Valentines Day !