Design on a Budget

Madison O’Connell

Happy almost spring! It’s time for spring cleaning. Get a fresh start with new bedroom home decor ideas under $20 all available at Target.

Changing your overall bedroom look can brighten your mood, make your room look bigger, and welcome the new season. Small improvements can include new blankets, a mirror over your door to check out your new spring styles, string lights to add a brighter look, a soft pillow to make your bed more cozy, picture frames can remind you of all the fun times you’ve had so far in this new year, and lastly to organize your extra clutter you can get new, nice, plastic baskets (available in a wide range of colors) to place on a bookshelf or even under your bed. Changing a room’s style can be very pricey, but it doesn’t have to be when you can change one small thing at a time.

Start to shop after certain holidays (Christmas, Valentines Day, & Easter) to find certain home decor (pillows, blankets, etc) on clearance. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to change your style. You might start to enjoy changing styles in your house, but always remember starting in a smaller area, for example your bedroom or bathroom, can help keep costs reduced.

Become your own DIY expert with YouTube videos on, “How To” and soon enough be your own interior designer. Remember to donate your old styles because they could be someone’s new missing piece! Places to donate your old styles to include St. Vincent DePaul Society, the Salvation Army Retail Stores, or even your local teachers that are changing up their classrooms.

Check out the slideshow for specific ideas.