The Quest of the Treasure Chest



The 2015-2016 Chicago Bulls are ready and hungry to chase an NBA Championship. This year’s roster has many players returning, plus the addition of the potential sleeper pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, Bobby Portis from Arkansas University. It will be weird this year not hearing former head coach Tom Thibodeau constantly yelling at the sidelines. The Bulls decided to part ways with Thibodeau this summer and hired former NBA player and Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg.

Under the new Hoiberg era, the Bulls hope to speed up the offense and to shoot, a lot. Hoidberg will bring a new style that Thibodeau probably would have condemned. Jimmy Butler, Doug McDermott, and Niko Mirotic should benefit a lot from Hoidberg’s new offensive system and possibly blossom into all-star status. The Bulls have already started pre-season play and look to be a force this year.

The talk of the Bulls has mostly surrounded Derrick Rose, who was out the whole preseason due to a fractured left orbital, which he sustained on the first day of practice. Also of note are the questionable comments made by Jimmy Butler concerning the team’s lack of leadership, questioning Derrick Rose’s work ethic and their friendship, and criticizing the team’s defense.

Butler commented on the lack of leadership to the Chicago Sun Times, “I think I can lead vocally and obviously with my actions on the court. I can’t tell anybody to do something if I’m not doing it. I can’t ask one of these rookies to dive on the floor if I’m not diving on the floor, take a charge if I’m not taking a charge. Leadership is one of the only things that this team has really been lacking. We’ve had a little here and there, but I think you’ve got to have that guy to come in and get it done in the leadership role. We’ve got good enough players. I don’t think that’s ever been a problem”.

It’ll be interesting to see how his teammates will react to his comments. Their first game was on October 27th and they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the season opener, 97-95. Both teams played really bad and almost every single player on the floor shot a horrible shooting percentage. Nikola Mirotic lead the way for the Bulls by scoring 19 points and LeBron James lead the way for the Cavaliers with 25 points. Ironically, this is a potential Eastern Conference Finals match up in the near future.  President Obama was in attendance at the game because he was promoting “My Brother’s Keeper”, an organization that promotes disadvantaged youth.